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Ceramic Implant Dentist Silver Spring MD

Sammy Noumbissi DDS MS is known for Metal Free, Ceramic Dental Implants. Zirconia Implants are Ceramic-like and known for being biocompatible. Dr. Sammy enjoys helping each of his patients improve their health, appearance, and self-esteem by creating the smile of their dreams without metal. He also believes the overall health of every patient is intimately connected to oral health. Dr. Noumbissi believes in maintaining teeth, gum and jawbone health with natural and non-toxic means. Dr. Noumbissi has been a Ceramic Implant Specialist for over 10 years.

Dr. Sammy DDS furthered his training as a dentist by obtaining a graduate degree in Implant Dentistry from Loma Linda University in California. His advanced studies culminated with a certificate in Implant Dentistry and a Masters of Science in Implant Surgery.

Implant Services We Offer

Ceramic Implant Planning

ceramic implant dentist
Invivo5 allows the placement of implants directly into 3D DICOM data, with no conversion or modeling necessary. Treatment plan in full 3D anatomy with restorative outcomes in mind.

Bone Grafting

The reasons range from very long term tooth loss, trauma, gunshot wounds and congenitally missing teeth. In such cases the most common method of reconstruction is the use in the outpatient office is by means of a bone block.

Bone Regeneration

The difference mainly lies in the extent of augmentation to correct the bone defect as result of bone loss. When implants are in consideration for replacing missing teeth, the quality and the quantity of existing jawbone structure are crucial for successful implantation and implant integration.

Latest News

Researching Your Dental Implant Decision

We live in an age when people have the luxury of being able to research virtually any potential purchase before make it.  In many ways, “buyer beware” has been replaced by “buyer be well read.”  If you want to, you can spend 5 hours gathering information to aid in...

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Drs. Noumbissi &Luettmann Zirkonia Implantology Workshop at the 36th Annual Asia Pacific Dental Congress: APDC 2014 Dubai, UAE

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Patients, On Monday June 16, 2014, Drs. Sammy Noumbissi and Ralf Luettmann of Hamburg Germany conducted a full day Workshop in Advanced Implantology at the 36th Annual APDC meeting. There was a combination of lectures and hands on where...

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Zirconia Implantology Lecture at Loma Linda University’s Graduate Program in Implant Dentistry.

A great professor and mentor Dr. Alejandro Kleinman is retiring from Loma Linda University's Graduate Program in Implant Dentistry. Prof. Kleinman was instrumental in Dr. Noumbissi's decision and selection to attend the program in 1999. In his honor the Robert A....

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Patient Testimonials

Following unbelievable mistakes from a former dentist, Dr. Noumbissi was recommended to us by my husband’s dentist. When my husband asked if Dr. Noumbissi was the absolute best doctor to go to, his dentist replied with …..”I sent my mother to him, that is how good he is”. He was absolutely right, and we will always be grateful for the recommendation and for Dr. Noumbissi! Sylvia J.

Washington D.C.

Dr. Noumbissi and staff were awesome…. All gain and no pain! I look forward to seeing u again soon to finish my dental work. Thanks so much for everything !! I will recommend everyone I know! A.B.

Hi Dr. Noumbissi. If you recall my wife Marie was a patient of yours. She is very happy with the dental work you performed. We wanted to keep in touch. Bob & Marie J.

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