Implant Planning

Visually impressive implant planning that’s easy to accomplish makes Invivo5 the most popular implant planning 3D software.

Invivo5 allows the placement of implants directly into 3D DICOM data, with no conversion or modeling necessary. Treatment plan in full 3D anatomy with restorative outcomes in mind. Immediate implant planning makes Invivo5 a very powerful patient consultation and communication tool that can be used chair-side. Anatomage’s own surgical guide will then take your virtual treatment and make it reality.

Surgical Simulations

Invivo5 is a platform for the most powerful orthognathic surgical case planning and simulations. Automatic asymmetry mirroring analysis with just the click of a button. Show your patients their virtual treatment objectives in 3D with soft tissue simulations. Invivo5 also allows for the assessment of final surgical outcomes with 3D superimposition analysis.

Guided Surgery

With Anatomage’s very own surgical guide, your virtual treatment plan can become a real device that can be used to accomplish your treatment exactly as planned. The Anatomage surgical guide is the first true next generation surgical guide that will make using surgical guides easier, more cost effective, and faster. With less steps, a quicker turn-around time, and a cost effective approach, the full implementation of surgical guides can finally become a reality for all your implant procedures.



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