State of the Art Technology

Our State of the art facility is equipped with the most advanced technology available. We offer 3D dental imaging, Computer guided surgery, ultrasonic bone surgery, metal free dental implants and soft tissue laser therapy.

  • Digital X-rays
  • Intra Oral Camera
  • Sterilization and Patient Safety
  • Prexion – Dental CAT Scan (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)
  • Sony MD2GO High Definition Surgery camera
  • In Vivo Dental Treatment Planning Software
  • Heine Surgical Loupes (Magnification for accurate and minimally invasive surgery)
  • PiezoSurgery (Ultrasonic Bone Surgery)/ No drilling during surgery
  • Ceraroot Ceramic Dental Implants
  • Ceraroot metal-free Ceramic implants
  • Z-Systems metal- free (ceramic) implants
  • X-Lase 1064 laser/Scalpel-free gum and implant surgery
  • DIO Implants
  • W&H Surgical Motors


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