toothbrush germs

Your Toothbrush: A Ticking Time Bomb?

Brushing our teeth is an exercise in self-care that most of us…
Root Canal Simulation Molar
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Root Canals Can Lead to Serious Disease Including Cancer

More than 40,000 root canals are performed every day in the United…
3D CBCT of Bone Defect
Zirconia Dental Implants
Safe Teeth Whitening
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Use Tooth Whiteners with Caution

In today’s cosmetically conscious world practically everyone…
Allergy E-microscopy
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Allergy Testing – An Important Part of the Whole

As natural dentists, our goal is to treat the whole person through…

Nutritional Support for Teeth & Gums

The biggest culprit in tooth decay today is sugars found in processed…