Dr. Noumbissi Speaks at the ANOSGA-CMF/GADEF 2nd Annual International Congress of Odonto-Stomatologists in Libreville, Gabon.

With the support  of the Gabonese Health Ministry  and Z-systems Switzerland, the Gabonese Dental Association (ANOSGA-CMF) and the Francophone Dental Associations Group (GADEF) held their second international congress. Dr. Noumbissi was invited as a guest speaker and gave the first ever seminar in metal free ceramic implantology on the African continent. This event was attended by 180 dentists representing all francophone Africa countries and France.  With the rise in reports of metal sensitivity as a result of metal implants, zirconia implants have steadily and will continue to be in greater demand. Unfortunately today the demand for these metal free implants is mainly driven by consumer/patients. Dr. Noumbissi goal  with his presentation was to inform, educate and heighten seasoned and aspiring  implantologists on the relevance of ceramic dental implants which in many more cases than initially thought are  the only option for people who elect to replace their teeth with dental implants but also for the dentists delivering implant care. Dr. Noumbissi introduced the concept of zirconia implantology, the viability and durability of zirconia implants and the health benefits that come along with a metal free tooth replacement modality.


Zirconia Lecture Topic

Etienne Villeneuve VP anosga-cmf

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