A Comparative Study of Mineralized Bone Allografts versus Xenografts in Atrophic Human Maxillary Sinuses

The placement of dental implants in the posterior maxilla can sometimes be complicated due to the loss of bone below the maxillary sinuses. This is very common after maxillary molars have been lost or extracted and no bone preservation procedures provided at the time of extraction. Sinus graft/lift procedures are then necessary in order to create a proper foundation for implant placement. This article, published in June 2010 pp 47-60 in the Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry (www.JIACD.com)compares the amount of new bone formation and residual graft material when mineralized human dried bone (allografts) are used versus bovine bone (xenografts) are utilized to increase bone volume in maxillary sinus.  Sammy Noumbissi DDS MS

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