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Biologic Dentistry Center in Fairfax Virginia

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers is an integrative medicine practice. What is integrative medicine? It essentially means a willingness to go purely by results and knowledge, rather than by convention. NHWC utilizes state of the art practices, protocols, and therapies to take on disease from its many sources: mental, emotional, and physical. NHWC goes for the source of […]

Avoid a Bad Dental Implant Decision Based on Outdated Word of Mouth

Decisions regarding to restorative and cosmetic dental procedures are not to be taken lightly.  There are long term implications with regard to health, functionality, finance and aesthetic.  This is probably most true when the choices relate to dental implants.  It’s imperative to get as much up to date information as possible when considering your implant […]

Zirconia Use in Modern Products and Technology

Zircomium is an element that can be found all around us.  In fact, it is the nineteenth most commonly found periodic element in the Earth’s crust.  While people have been aware of and handling zirconium for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until 1925 that large enough quantities could be extracted in pure enough form for […]

Europe’s Long, Positive History with Ceramic Implants

People have a surprisingly long history of permanently replacing missing teeth with artificial prosthetics.  While this is generally thought of as a modern practice, there is evidence of people at least attempting this medical endeavor which dates back thousands of years.   Astoundingly, the earliest evidence we have of the osseointegration of dental implants dates back […]

Researching Your Dental Implant Decision

We live in an age when people have the luxury of being able to research virtually any potential purchase before make it.  In many ways, “buyer beware” has been replaced by “buyer be well read.”  If you want to, you can spend 5 hours gathering information to aid in your next shoe purchase.  You can […]